Toyota CHR

PHperformance – Toyota CHR, a mini hatchback that lifted to do mini offroads! but not for now! in this project we make the car more special. at first look you didn’t notice, but when you get closer, you will find out how perfect it designed.

Body protection

Mirror ! the only thing you probably think about when you see the CHR! its perfectly passed detailing process. but sadly you can’t use it as mirror because Toyota designed this car in sharp way! the paint is coated by nano ceramic protection to let all efforts remain for long time.

After all of these, we covered this glossy CHR in Hexis body fence protection. this thin layer never let sharp things scratch or harm the body paint, good news for all of the done jobs!

Design of CHR

Toyota CHR is a mini crossover so you can’t put savage decals on it! it never going to be on an offroad track! so we need to design something more elegant and superb. this idea was cover some body parts in blue Matt. it makes a good harmony with Toyota Hybrid logo.

And as a hybrid car, blue colors gives it more futuristic look. this project was a little different because it proves that PHperformance is capable of doing any car project you want! not just an angry red car that burns the tyres to the asphalt!

hope you enjoyed this project and if you have questions feel free to ask!
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