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PH performance is one of the biggest tuning companies in Iran working on cars and bring perfection & innovation for over a dacade.

everything in your mind will be in reality by PH performance. we are dealer of many Top quality car tuning brands. Hexis, Zenith, JRwheels etc.
we are providing the best tuning parts that makes your car, your dream. its an exciting experience to tune your car with PH.
because the result will be unique and reasonable.

PH Performance Team Introduction

Pouriya Hamzehlouee

Chairman and CEO

Skills and Abilities

Car ECU remapping
Formula race car drive
Tig welding for car exhaust
Applying car body stickers and covers Electric welding
Working with composite materials (Fiberglass-carbon)
Working with diagnostic device Design and making of tuned cars (body and engine, stage 1)
Foreign relations​

Working experience :

2009-2013 Manager of news website of car design and engineering
Iran 2010-2011 Teaching of car design at Azad University of Arak
Hand-Drawing and making of hybrid vehicle body at Sama
University of Arak
national competition
Designing and rendering of concept vehicle with Citroen brand
wich Was represented at www.carbodydesign.com website
Designing and replicating a 2005 BMW 3 series on a
1991 3 series platform
Designing and replicating a 2003 Ford on a 1993 platform
Designing wide body kits for race cars
Collaboration in making, modeling and molding of designed
body kits
Making a fully automatic hydrography device (water transfer)
Rendering the body of he100e roller for HEPCO company
located in Arak
U.A.E Abu Dhabi
Arsha body kit company
Body kit designer for super sport cars
Designing and making steel exhaust kits with TIG welding equipment
PH Performance company
Founder and CEO of PH Performance company ,Entrepreneur
Team leader, Director of imports
Dominant in financial statements of service and trading companies
International relations manager
Obtaining two official deeler ships from Carpro and FI exhaust

Education records:

Germany 2003 Middle school of katekullwitze
Azad University central Tehran
Mechanical engineer with a major in solid design

Arman Pouya

Salesperson Manager and Technical person

Skills and Abilities

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Welding Technical Spector
  • Applying car body stickers (Wrapping ) and PPF (Paint Protection Film)
  • Quality Control Spector
  • Working with Diagnostic Tools
  • Project Manager
  • High Certificate from PH Performance for making of tuned cars (body and engine, stage 1) 
  • English Language

Amirhossein Yaghuti

Technical person and Professional Tig Welder

Skills and Abilities

  • Tig Welding
  • Car Body Fixing                              
  • Tuning Engine Stage 1                     
  • High Technical person                 
  • Electrical technician                        
  • High Certificate from PH Performance for  making custom handmade Exhaust system 

Hojat Ahmadi

Car Detailing Superviser

Skills and Abilities

  • Detailer Technician
  • Polishing and Ceramics coated of any Surface
  • Applying car body stickers (Wrapping) and PPF (Paint Protection Film) 
  • Quality Control Spector 
  • Teaching Car Detailing    
  • Ceramics and Polish Project Manager
  • High Certificate from PH Performance for Detailing (body and engine, stage 1)      
Erfan Rafati

Erfan Rafati

social media

Skills and Abilities

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • SEO and website maintenance
  • professional automotive writer
  • automotive video content creator
  • Sim racing driver