Lotus Elise S

PHperformance – This is a car for driving enthusiasts. if you’re an luxury guy or someone who want to have a nice sleep on soft suspension, well forget this car! Lotus Elise S is one of the fastest cars in Iran. its getting more interesting if you know there is 5 of these in this country! so here is one of them!

Body & Appearance

This nice blue color is detailed perfectly by best materials we can offer. after this hard work it has to be covered so we applied Nano ceramic coating on the paint.

Performance upgrades for Elise

The Lotus Elise S is really quick! and because of that, it was very hard to bring more performance.
we made a custom performance exhaust that ROAR! and we improve HP &torque a little. why a little? this car is engineered to be fast. it means that the engineers do as much as they can to bring performance. That’s why we’re said “a little”!

When the exhaust ends, the GREEDY notes are calling the streets. wow! it was just a simple tail pipe but now…!
anyway! hope you enjoy Elise project.

hope you enjoyed this project and if you have questions feel free to ask!
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