About us

We merge Art and Engineering to be the best.

PH performance is one of the biggest tuning companies in Iran.
working on cars and bring perfection & motivation for over a decade.

Everything in your mind will be in reality by us. We have been one of Iran’s most outstanding tuning companies, modifying cars with high educated & innovative technicians for nearly a decade. We are a dealer of many top international brands such as: JSK-Racing, Carlike, Zenith Exhaust, JR-wheels, Fi-Exhaust, k-Sport JC-Sportline, etc. There is no limit for us to tuning cars, from streetcars to competition ones.

PH performance in media

we are social

PH performance in media we are social PH performance plays a vital role in Iran's car media. We're doing our best to create cars of global quality.

Taking part in car meetings

We are every where!

Thinking about a meeting without the PH performance...it's impossible!
That is what we can do with a simple car! From 2013 until now, we have participated in different exhibitions across the country.
We make unique cars, and this catches attention.

Iran national musem (2013)

Tuning skills education

Iran and UAE

We're trying to achieve best experience for costumers and delivering global quality into your car.
So we are continuously updating our knowledge by worlds best brands.

International Cooperation

We shake hands abroad
to prepare the best for your cars.

We trade with international brands to import the best parts for you despite all difficulties.


We started with motorsport competitions.

Are you a tuner and don't participate in motorsports? It's like being a food tester and never going to a restaurant!
We think about beauty; however, performance is always our priority.
We spend time with performance cars and discover their limits; Next, it's your car's turn to get the upgrades!

Experiences in UAE

Design bodykits for luxury & sport cars

We are so proud of working on super sports cars.
Lamborghini Gallardo and Maserati Granturismo are two projects that we designed in UAE.
We designed and prototyped body kits for the united Arab empire's tuning companies.