PH Performance

Unique cars tuning in Iran and UAE

PH performance is one of the biggest tuning companies in Iran working on cars and bring perfection & innovation for over a dacade.

everything in your mind will be in reality by PH performance. we are dealer of many Top quality car tuning brands. Hexis, Zenith, JRwheels etc. we are providing the best tuning parts that makes your car, your dream. its an exciting experience to tune your car with PH. because the result will be unique and reasonable.

PH performance in media

unique and innovative tuning style

PH performance is playing an important role on Iran's car media. its because we're doing our best to create cars with global quality.

Taking part in car meetings

PH performance cars are playing an important role

Think about a meeting without the Ph performance... impossible!
We make uniqe cars and this catch attentions. this is what we can do with a simple car!

Iran national musem (2013)

Tuning skills education

Iran and UAE

We're trying to achieve best experience for costumers and delivering global quality into your car.
So we are continuously updating our knowledge by worlds best brands.

International cooperation

Going international to bring update services

To create a unique car, we need unique man and machine!
We're cooperating by all of the world to create cars that never seen before.


Participate in motorsport competitions

Are you a tuner and don't participating in motorsports? Its like being a food tester and never going to restaurant!
We think about the beauty however performance is always the priority.
We spending time with performance cars and discovering their limits; Next its your car's turn to get the upgrades!

Experiences in UAE

Design bodykits for luxury & sport cars

we are so proud about working on super sport cars.
Lamborghini Gallardo and Maserati Granturismo are two projects that we did in UAE.we designed and build body kits for these cars.