The BMW 330i E92

PHPerformance – BMW 330i is the most powerful E9X model before M3. you probably want to say” No! the M3 is in another level” and yes it is! but wen you can’t afford M3, you have to be happy with 330i in iran and upper model 335i, anyway! back to the project.

This 330i is rare in Iran. why? because its manual with specific engine named N53 by bmw. and if you are not satisfied yet, its the only E92 with this fluorescent yellow color! as a normal 330i, it has N53 engine, a straight six cylinder N/A and powerful engine. but lets talk about the mods.


This car Retune by PHperformance.After 8years of import it was not at the good condition so we change all decals and polish the car.Also carbon fiber oroginal diffuser,Mirror and front spliliter was installed.
for making better contrast, we wrapping roof and front hood by Teckwrap foil.

Also we change the mirrors with M3 model to looks aggressive.

Performance upgrades for 330i

the BMW 330i is a fast car, but you know the petrolheads! to achieve better output numbers, older installed Supersprint headers and exhaust and then we change it by hand made exhaust in order to quad tips fit to diffuser.

The tips are imported from AC-Schnitzer originally.

also we remap the ecu by Dim sport ECU remap machine and achieve 45whp.

hope you enjoyed this project and if you have questions feel free to ask!
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